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    Так как я в отпуске до 3 июля, выложу хотя бы сокращенный перевод патча на английском языке, думаю все разберутся!;)


    [Pearl Shop]

    New costumes for Tamer and Giant are released.


    The Double Attendance Reward Event has begun
    - From June 23rd to July 27th
    - Log in everyday and win two Fine Accessory Boxes

    PvP damage calculation method in the Arsha server has changed.

    [Characters - general]

    The graphics for Valkyrie and Maehwa’s Crown Eagle Helmet have been improved.


    Fixed an issue where the Grotebant Helmet costume overlapped with other facial features. (Beard, glasses, piercings)


    Fixed an issue where the dye for Halat Talisman was not displayed while in non-combat mode.


    Fixed an issue where the graphics for the shoulder part of the Tyrie costume looked unnatural under certain customization.

    The graphics for the arm parts of the Jegrina and Anemos costumes have been improved.


    The graphics for Desert Camouflage have been improved.


    The knock back distance for Blooming and Blooming: Phantom has decreased.

    Using Sleet Steps will now recover 30 WP (only when the skill is not on cooldown)

    Moonrise will now recover 25 WP per hit, instead of 20.

    Flow: Tip of an Iceberg will now recover 20 HP per hit.

    Stigma will now recover 50 WP per hit.

    Oppression will now pull the targets towards you closer. (PvE only)

    The AoE for Flow: Cloud Stab has increased.

    The description for Oppression has been edited to match the actual skill effect.


    The distance for Lunar Dash has increased.

    Wheel of Wrath with 100% Black Spirit’s Rage will now work more smoothly as the slowed camera effects will now disappear faster.

    The AoE for Lunatic Discus has increased.

    The graphics for Venia Riding Attire has been improved.


    Fixed an issue where the Ninja was holding a Shuriken with his left hand when switched from Sura Katana to Shortsword.

    Fixed an issue where Sura Katana did not appear with the Hawk of Battlefield costume


    Gardbrace skills that follow Flow: Crosswind will now work more smoothly.

    Fixed an issue where the left/right basic attack did not work properly while running.

    Fixed an issue where you were not able to use Flow: Rock Smash after using Crouching Wolf with Gardbrace and then switching to Gauntlet with Twisted Collision.

    Fixed an issue where Infernal Destruction was used instead of Rampaging Predator when you use Rampaging Predator after Crouching Wolf in the Awakening mode.

    The Striker will now be in Super Armor status when he moves or runs after using Descent of Fury.

    The DP increase for Descent of Fury has changed.
    - All DP +20 for 30 seconds -> All DP +50 for 30 seconds.

    New graphical effects are added to the below skills.
    - Awakening: Enlightened Gardbrace, Flow: Crosswind, Flow: Skull Hammer

    New skill effects are added to Hell Break.
    - Grab success rate +30% for 1.5 seconds

    You can now dodge backwards by holding the S button when you fail to grab the target with Hell Break.

    You can now use Double Flash right after Flash Step.

    Fixed an issue where the graphics for the hair part looked unnatural when the Striker is wearing Giath Helmet or Griffon Helmet with Venia Riding Attire.


    A new item called the “Fire Horn” has been added.
    - Fire Horns are obtainable by butchering or gathering with Tanning Knife.
    - Fire Horns are used to craft Trina Lead Bullet (new weapon)

    The names and descriptions for the following items have been edited.

    A new weapon Trina Musket and Trina Lead Bullet have been added.
    - Trina Musket is a Musket specialized in PvP. Mounted combat is not supported.
    - Trina Muskets can be used to poke the enemies and defend the castle gate during Conquest Wards and Node Wars.
    - Trina Musket and Trina Lead Bullet can be equipped as main-hand and off-hand respectively. You will be able to shoot twice before reloading.
    - Trina Musket can be enhanced with Black Stone(Weapon). The maximum enhancement level is V(PEN).

    The combination patterns for Valtarra: Token of Sky and Valtarra: Token of Earth has changed.



    You can only start Processing in standing mode.

    New Processing Skill “Manufacture” has been added.
    - You will be able to produce Siege Weapons through Manufacturing, including the newly added Trina Musket and Trina Lead Bullet.
    - It will take 14 seconds to Manufacture 1 item.
    - Knowledge regarding Trina Musket and Trina Lead Bullet are obtainable through associated quests.

    Fixed an issue where the storage at Old Wisdom Tree did not open when you use Storage Maid in Kamaslyvia.

    A new function where you can teleport to the Militia respawn area has been added.
    - You can teleport to the respawn area through the icon at the left of the mini map during the Conquest Wars in Calpheon, Mediah, and Valencia.

    The Interaction menu will not appear on players who are participating in the Militia.

    You can now enter the Open Arena only when you are in the standing mode.

    Black Spirit Meter will reset when you exit from the Open Arena.


    The monsters at Shultz’s Guards Garrison are relocated.

    Fixed an issue where Giant Fox did not take any action when attacked.

    The monsters at Sausan Garrison will give more EXP.

    Respawn time for the following monsters has decreased.
    - Sausan Watch, Tough Sausan Soldier, Sausan Scout, Sausan Sniper Sausan Assassin, Sausan Soldier, Sausan Guardian, Sausan Cannoneer, Sausan Supply Camp, and Sausan Tent

    Recommended AP for Sausan Garrison has been set up.
    - The players who have 100 to 180 AP will be able to grind in Sausan without any problems.
    - Efficiency (grinding speed, EXP gained per minute, etc) will decrease if your AP is below 100, but will not increase even if your AP is above 180.
    - Same rules will be applied to other grind spots in Mediah in the near future.

    [Quest and Knowledge]

    New quests have been added.
    - Latest Gunpowder Weapon
    - Fatal Metal
    - You can receive the quests from Dalian at Treant village with a character above level 50.
    - You will gain the Knowledges on Trina Musket and Trina Lead Bullet upon completing the quests.

    New quest that precedes the Combat Promotion questline has been added.
    - [Combat Promotion] the Trio of Mediah
    - You can receive the quest from Black Spirit
    - You cannot receive the quest if you have already finished the Combat Promotion questline.

    You no longer have to collect the Knowledges on Sausan Garrison to complete the [Combat Promotion] Conqueror quest.


    The Seas of Peyon, the Seas of Jenato, the Seas of Eltor, and the Seas of Al Halam have been enlarged.


    The Worldmap icon for the Epheria Sailboat has changed.

    Shultz’s Guards has been added in the Search menu within the Worldmap.

    The recommended levels for Sausan Garrison and Shultz’s Guards that appear on the Worldmap have changed to recommended AP.

    Fixed an issue where the scroll bar went back to the top when you find or check in your pets.

    The dialogue window will not move when you are not using the dialogue window animation.When you add a new dialogue tab, previous dialogues will not appear on the new tab.

    The description for Golden Bell has been edited.
    EXP -> Combat EXP

    The trash can icon in the inventory will glow when you are dragging an item to the trash can.

    Fixed an issue where the “extract failstacks” button overlapped with the Enhance/Durable button.

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